What Is a Shacket and Why You Need One?

Shacket: a modern twist on a classic sillhouette. A staple for any women's closet.

What Is A Shacket?

 The shacket is a hot new item in women's fashion that combines the styles of a shirt and a jacket. It boast a casual sillhouette that is flatering on everyone. In addition, the versatility of a shacket makes it an excellent option for every season since you can pair it with a mulitude of different looks and styles. 

Shackets are designed like a button-down jacket and are typically made of thicker material than a traditional shirt, or hoodie. Shackets can be made out of cotton canvas, flannel, or denim , and come in a varity of colors. There are also a few styles of shackets that incorporate military details, giving the shacket a utilitarian look.

Another great feature of the shacket, is that it can help you transition into fall. It is an excellent choice for casual layering over a t-shirt or under a coat. You can also pair a shacket with jeans and sandals makes a perfect transition from summer to autumn.

Where Can You Find a Shacket?

 These trendy pieces are currently being searched for on Lyst. Users are searching for denim and corduroy shackets, oversized fits and those with military details. Before you rush out and find your own perfect shacket, let's explore some ways to wear this style.

Shackets are versatile and perfect for any outfit. This button-down goes well with leggings jeans, or biker shorts. They can also be worn as a dress, adding detail and layering to an outfit. 

Plus, they're comfortable and come in many different styles, color options, and materials that will fit in with any look you are trying to create. 

7 Best Shackets To Buy Now!

If you're looking for the perfect lightweight jacket, look no further than a shacket. 

Shackets are quickly becoming one of the hottest trends this fall. The structured overshirt has become a wardrobe staple and has been styled by celebrities like Rihanna and Gigi Hadid. Find one that suits your personality by browsing the options below.

1. Omoone Women's Long Sleeve Plaid Shacket 

The Omoone shacket is a longline, wool-polyseter blend shacket that falls just below the knees. It has stylish bubble shaped sleeves and is available in many fall colored plaid fannels. The shacket has side slits that add an element of elegance. 

This plaid shacket is a fall essential that's easy to layer over a white T-shirt, graphic T or tank top. The Omoone Shacket can also be worn as a standalone piece for an classy evening look or teamed with a dress and knee-high boots for an evening out. If you're on a budget, a plaid shacket from Omoone might be just the thing for you. This beautiful shacket can be purchased on Amazon for roughly $45. 

The Omoone Women's Long Sleeve plaid shacket is a staple for your wardrobe. With a cozy oversized fit, this shacket is easy to wear and can easily be paired with all of your favorite items in your closet. Whether wearing it casually or dressing up for a special event, this shacket will keep you looking stylish.

Omoone Women's Long Sleeve Plaid Shacket 

Photo source: Amazon.com


2. Astylish Women Corduroy Long Sleeve Button-Down Shacket

This shacket is the perfect example of the classic shacket design. An Astylish shacket can be ordered is a varity of corduroy colors, plaid flannels and even a floral option. Its wide sleeve and diagonal seams add a fun detail and makes it a popular choice among Cosmopolitan staff, who love its effortless style. An additional bonus to its adorable fit, is that you'll find it at a great price on Amazon. This shacket will add warmth and style to any wardrobe. 

Whether you're a seasoned fashionista or just looking for a shacket that has a classic and timeless look, this piece is a must-have. It is made from recycled wool and offers an eco-friendly and durable alternative to leather jackets. This shacket will become a favorite among casual outerwear with a belt and deep side pockets.

Astylish Women Corduroy Long Sleeve Button-Down Shacket

Photo source: Amazon.com


3. UANEO Women's Casual Plaid Wool Blend Button Down Long Sleeve Shacket

A cozy shirt jacket is a staple item in any closet. Uaneo's casual plaid wool blend shacket has an oversized top layer and can be worn with crewneck sweaters, a cute skirt, turtleneck or a fitted shirt. As a bonus, it comes in seven different plaid colors to suit any wardrobe.

The versatile design makes it an excellent piece of outerwear for every season. However, the best part about this simple style is its price. You can find it for under $50 on Amazon.

UANEO Women's Casual Plaid Wool Blend Button Down Long Sleeve Shacket

Photo source: Amazon.com


4. Yeokou Women's Fall Color Block Plaid Flannel Shacket 

A Yeokou Women's Color Block Plaided Flannel Shacket is the perfect sweater option for fall weather. Made from super-soft fabric, this sweater can be layered underneath or worn over puffers and other winter-appropriate layers. The cozy material is soft and breathable, and the oversized boyfriend-style fit ensures a comfortable fit. This shacket has the look of a traditional jacket, but the softer feel of a sweater. One exciting addition to this particular design is that the Yeokou brand also sells a vest. This "shacket vest" is basically a shacket without the long sleeves. With this option you will get the same style of a shacket without the heaveness of a regular jacket.  

Yeokou Women's Fall Color Block Plaid Flannel Shacket 

Photo source: Amazon.com


5. Women's Flannel Plaid Button Down Long Sleeve Shacket

After taking one look at this shacket it is easy to see why it has become all the rage this season. These shackets offer mid-weight fabric that has equal parts drape and structure. This classic plaid shacket comes in many great colors: red, blue, green, black, and a beautiful shade of blush pink. However, the best feature are the functional side slit pockets. 

This shacket is made from soft cotton and recyclded wool. It also features snap buttons for a stylish and comfortable fit. This oversized shacket has been come a favorite among the fashion foward with a rating of 4.75 stars on Amazon.

If you're looking for a shacket to pair with your favorite outfit, you've come to the right place. Maurices understands women's fashion sensibilities, so it offers a variety of styles. Many of these women's button-down shirts are warm enough to double as a light jacket. 

Women's Flannel Plaid Button Down Long Sleeve Shacket

Photo source: Amazon.com


6. Women's Flannel Plaid Long Sleeve Button-Down Chest Pocketed Shacket

This option is a lightweight, plaid shacket that is perfect for a fall or winter day. This versatile jacket can be worn by itself in milder weather or layered under a jacket in more extreme weather.  It's a great piece for layering and is available on Amazon for an affordable price and in many different colors and fabrics.  Its curved hem and elbow patches give this shacket a bohemian feel. Plaid is a popular choice for fall, and the light brown and white combination is flattering for many skin tones. 

This flannel shacket is flattering on any body type. It looks great with jeans, leggings, or wide-leg pants. You can wear it with sneakers, joggers, flats or boots. So whether you're dressing for work or a date, you'll be comfortable and stylish in this versatile piece. 

Women's Flannel Plaid Long Sleeve Button-Down Chest Pocketed Shacket

Photo source: Amazon.com


7. Sidefeel Women Long Sleeve Button Denim Distressed Shacket

The Sidefeel Women Denim Distressed Jacket is the western styled shacket that every closet needs. It features a comfortable drawstring waistband, large front pockets and animal print patches on the sleeves. This shacket has a relaxed fit, two chest pockets, and a button closure. You can buy it on Amazon for $37 or at Sidefeel.com for $45. The Sidefeel Distressed Jacket is made of high-quality denim and will give every outfit an effortless country feel. 

Sidefeel Women Long Sleeve Button Denim Distressed Shacket

Photo source: Amazon.com


How To Wear a Shacket

A shacket is a classic wardrobe staple you can wear in several ways. Many different styles are available, and one that goes with most of your wardrobe will work well. For example, if you want to wear your shacket in a more formal setting, you should opt for a solid-colored shacket. In addition, these pieces are easy to wear in any situation because they are thin and comfortable and do not require much effort in styling.

A shacket is a piece that can be worn over a T-shirt or that can be paired with a cropped sweater or a tank. To add definition, you can choose to wear a shacket over a pair of wide-leg pants or with a belt over top. Finally, consider pairing your shacket with an oversized structured women's wool coat during cooler weather to add sophistication to your look.

If you're still unsure about how to wear a shacket, here are a few tips to get you started:

They can be made of several materials such as wool, corduroy, fleece, or flannel. It is important to take your climate into consideration when buying a shacket so that you can find the perfect fabrict for you. Whether wearing a shacket for work or the weekend, this versatile piece will never go out of style.

A women's shacket in plaid prints adds a fall aesthetic to an outfit. The jacket's pattern is a great way to incorporate playful textures into a business outfit without overdoing it or add a fun spin to a basic monochromatic outfit. Besides traditional tartans, there are plenty of options for shackets in plaid prints, including classic checks, handsome houndstooth, and timeless tattersall. Look at our helpful guide below to get an idea of how to wear plaid shackets.

Why Do You Need a Shacket?

First, shackets are fashionable. Plus a shacket is a perfect layering piece. They are a great in-between layer, replacing a hoodie under an outer shell. They are made of thick fleece or warm wooly fabrics; some even have hoods! They can be worn as a lightweight outer layer on a cold winter day and easily packed away to keep you warm at night.

Next, a shacket is functional. They combine the benefits of a jacket and shirt. You can wear a shacket as a standalone piece or layer it over another shirt. A shacket is a great way to stay warm without sacrificing fashion! 

Finally, warm climates can wear a shacket all fall and winter due to their lightweight fabrics and breathable designes. 

Shacket – A Breakdown

A shacket is a piece of outerwear that combines a jacket and a shirt. This sillhouette has historically been associated with men's wear, but has been adopted by women's designers over the past few years. It has been taking the fashion scene by storm because it highly versatile, as you can wear it with various shoes and almost anywhere.

Shackets became popular in the 1970s with military-inspired trends. Trendsetters started wearing thick shirts like jackets. In the 1970s, military-inspired overshirts and fine knit turtleneck sweaters were commonplace among baby boomers. Slowly these boomers stared to wear shackets with garage-style jeans, fringe vests and round moon shapped glasses. Shackets eventually became prevalent in college campuses and casual Friday culture, and now can been spotted around every corner. 

While a jacket is a winter-only layering piece, a shacket is made to be worn year-round. It's thick enough to wear over a sweater but thin enough to layer over a shirt. The shacket works well as transitional pieces, replacing a winter coat for those who live in a milder climate. 

Despite its name, a shacket is truly an overshirt at its core. It is the perfect feminine option for any outfit.

Final Thoughts on Buying a Shacket

If you are looking for a relaxed and comfortable jacket to wear during the fall, you should consider buying a shacket. This jacket is like a cross between a shirt and a jacket and is often made of heavier material than everyday shirts. It has a loose fit and menswear-inspired lines. This jacket can be a perfect addition to your fall wardrobe.

When buying a shacket, you can choose between a long or short version. Those with longer sleeves and a hood will be comfortable and warm. A long wool shacket is an excellent alternative to a waist-length jacket. The shacket is lined and features buttons along its entire length. You can find one that is comfortable to wear and looks polished for work. These shackets run large, so consider this when choosing your size.

These jackets have significantly evolved, and many are now lined. You can choose a wool blend or a cotton-corduroy one for added warmth. If you want a cozy, comfortable jacket that will last for years, try a patterned one.

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