The Top Smartwool Products for Men and Women

Smartwool creates outdoor apparel for men, women, and children out of Merino wool — a type of wool that breathes, naturally degrades, helps regulate body temperature, and has anti-odor qualities.

Products made by Smartwool promote physical activity while simultaneously encouraging environmental, social, and economic sustainability. That’s a great deal! This Smartwool clothing review will provide a detailed look at the company and its goods to help you choose what to buy.

Many of their products are designed to explore the outdoors, making Smartwool devoted to sustainability. They provide detailed transparency reports on where their apparel is sourced — from the sheep to your wardrobe. The company unequivocally claims that they do everything possible to conserve the environment so that their clients will be able to fully enjoy nature’s beauty for years to come.

Aside from their stated commitment to the environment, Smartwool has put their money where their mouth is by developing a range of recycled fabric items. For insulation and other purposes, they employ recycled wool, nylon, and polyester. This helps reduce the trash in landfills and supplies high-quality clothes via an innovative process.

Smartwool considers even the smallest of details, using reclaimed Merino wool garment scraps as insulation for their sustainable, layered Smartloft products. They also employ recycled wool fiber in several of their fleece items, which helps the environment without sacrificing performance. In conducting this Smartwool apparel study, it is apparent that sustainability is at the center of all their output, resulting in precise product-development methods and well-thought-out products. It’s a chain reaction that benefits everyone. 

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A Word About the Brand

In 1994, Smartwool was founded in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, by New England ski instructors Peter and Patty Duke. Smartwool aims to both bring people outdoors and safeguard the environment’s resources. The Dukes feel that producing sustainable clothes is crucial to preserving the environment for future generations.

The Timberland Company bought Smartwool in 2005, after which they became a subsidiary of VF Corporation when VF Corporation acquired The Timberland Company in 2011.

The company’s namesake goods are mostly made of processed Merino wool. According to Smartwool, this is a patented technology that makes its apparel itch-free and shrink-resistant. Smartwool products are touted for their moisture-wicking materials as well as odor-reducing and anti-microbial properties; they are therefore largely promoted as performance gear. Reviews of these products are often seen in the context of hiking and other outdoor activities.

Smartwool made it a condition for its New Zealand wool suppliers to stop mulesing — a controversial skin-removing process for sheep — in 2005. In 2010, they inked an arrangement with the New Zealand Merino Company to exclusively source its Merino wool. In order to extend the life of its yarn, however, Smartwool now sources its Merino wool from China and other countries.

How does Smartwool make such a significant impact? To answer that question, consider how a product is made and where it goes in the supply chain. The company is made up of high achievers with unwavering standards who want the greatest and most compassionate care for sheep and wool farmers. Smartwool works with farmers to help them reduce their environmental impact, and they collaborate with advocacy groups that share their views.

Best Smartwool Products for Men and Women

1. Smartwool Hiking Crew Socks Men’s Medium Cushioned Wool Performance Sock

The Smartwool Men’s Hike Medium Crew provides extreme durability. These socks are designed for maximum performance, making them ideal for any outdoor activity on your itinerary.

These crew socks have a 4 Degree Elite Fit System for a precise, performance-oriented fit, a flex zone at the ankle, and seamless toe for added comfort. Made with Indestructawool technology for long-lasting comfort and durability, the body-mapped mesh zones on these socks provide additional breathability for all-day use.

The Men’s Hike Medium Crew’s moderately-cushioned bottom enables you to use these performance socks on various trails and road terrains without discomfort. Whether riding, jogging, skiing, or hiking, these socks will keep your feet comfortable during every season.

Smartwool socks are made from excellent New Zealand wool (another word for shearling). This is the wool used in high-end shearling items such as the well-known Ugg boots. Because Smartwool socks are composed of high-quality sheepskin, they are soft and comforting to the skin.

These special socks have hundreds of air bubbles in their fibers that keep your feet cool in the summer and toasty in the winter, which is why Smartwool socks are ideal for trekking. The socks manage your feet’s temperature, keeping them cooler than they would be in a more typical hiking sock.

Smartwool socks also have one significant advantage: They breathe. The breathability lets sweat escape from your feet even during strenuous effort. As a consequence, your feet stay dry and odor-free.

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2. Smartwool Merino 250 Cuffed Beanie

This incredibly soft, double-layer Smartwool beanie is made entirely of Merino wool—you won’t find a smoother or more pleasantly finished wool fabric elsewhere. The hat is made of double-layered, 250-weight Merino, making it rather warm. Fit will not be a problem, since the fabric is quite elastic. To note: Because double layering takes longer to dry than single-layer hats, rolling the cuff up sometimes causes the inner and outer layers to be lumpy relative to one another.

The Smartwool Cuffed Beanie is well worth the money—warm, comfy, and not too thick, neatly covering the back of your neck and your ears when worn unrolled. There is a decorative, multicolored Smartwool logo on the front that is barely visible when unrolled and a grey one on the back that is hardly visible.

Its incredibly low bulk means that it will fit under any hood; nevertheless, it does not provide wind protection. Because it is made of wool, it’ll absorb considerable moisture if you sweat, but it will not dry as rapidly as a fleece/artificial beanie. Like any wool hat, the fabric does an outstanding job of wicking sweat away. After a lengthy walk on a chilly day, you may finish up with a wonderful coating of rime on the outside of it. The drying capacity of this double-layered hat is not as fast as that of a single-layer hat.

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Smartwool PhD Run Light Elite Low-Cut Sock

With the Smartwool men’s PhD Outdoor Light Low-Cut socks, you’ll be able to experience durability at its very best. These socks were developed to achieve the best possible performance levels, making them ideal companions for whatever journey you have planned.

The socks have a 4 Degree Elite Fit System, which provides a dialed-in, performance-oriented fit. Additionally, these low-cut socks include a flex zone at the ankle joint and a virtually seamless toe for increased comfort.

Constructed with Indestructawool technology, the men’s PhD socks are durable while still providing a high level of comfort. They offer increased breathability for all-day use thanks to the body-mapped mesh zones incorporated into the elite design.

The socks’ bottom is softly cushioned, which makes it possible for you to wear them on a variety of trail and road terrains without experiencing any pain. They will give you cushioned comfort throughout the year, no matter which activity you choose to pursue — biking, jogging, skiing, or hiking — and no matter the season. The covering for the top of the foot is constructed from mesh, and the heel and toe areas also include additional cushioning.

The socks did not retain any sweat in arid areas, even when the temperature was in the high 80s (Fahrenheit). When the temperature dropped to 50 degrees, many testers still relied on these socks as their primary option—the wool helps hold in some of the body heat on chillier runs. Others observed that the sock was able to retain some moisture, but that it did so away from the foot. After the first wash, one of the testers saw some pilling, but they reported that it did not become worse with repeated washings.

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Smartwool Women’s Cable II Socks

The Cable II is Smartwool’s most popular sock style for ladies because it is warm and adaptable. The super-comfy sock has a robust construction that you can depend on for nearly any activity, and it also boasts a yarn combination that won’t cause itching. With the Smartwool Cable II socks, you’ll experience durability at its absolute pinnacle.

The 4 Degree Elite Fit in the Smartwool Cable II socks ensures a precise, performance-focused fit. These socks also contain a flex zone at the ankle joint and a comfortable, virtually seamless toe.

With Indestructawool technology, the Smartwool Cable II socks are exceptionally durable and comfortable. These socks have body-mapped mesh zones that provide breathability for all-day wear.

Their moderately-cushioned bottom allows you to wear these performance socks on various roads and trails without feeling uncomfortable. Whether riding, running, skiing, or hiking, these socks keep you comfortable and padded all season long.

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Smartwool Women’s Margarita Crew Socks – Merino Wool Performance Socks

A customer favorite, the Smartwool Women’s Margarita sock channels a lively spirit with its simple color palette and fun patterns. The cushioned crew sock is fit to be worn throughout the year and is comfortable even when worn with snug-fitting shoes. These are socks that can be worn in various settings, from the office to the weekend—socks with a sense of safety to keep you skipping down the path. While in the wilderness, the basic design and mesh zones will keep your feet cool, dry, and comfortable.

You will be able to maintain a comfortable level of warmth while wearing it, since it is crafted from stretchy Merino wool, nylon, and elastane. It has a 4-degree Elite Fit System that utilizes two different kinds of elastic for stretch, recovery, and holding the sock in place, all of which contribute to the product’s exceptional comfort level. Because they’re made with Indestructawool technology in the high-impact regions to provide both durability and comfort, these socks should last you quite a while. The Smartwool Margarita crew sock’s mesh ventilation zones promote moisture management and keep your feet dry, which is one less thing to worry about.

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Smartwool Unisex Adult Performance – Hike, Light Cushion, Broken Stripes Pattern Crew

The Smartwool Unisex Adult Performance hiking crew socks have been redesigned to include cutting-edge sock technologies, dialed-in fit systems, updated mesh zones, and expanded durability zones, all of which are made to assist you in conquering any mountain or enjoying any trail in the utmost comfort. Your preferred low-cut hiking socks should have a thin, cushioning layer over the whole bottom of the foot to increase the comfort level. The use of recycled nylon also contributes to the development of a more environmentally-friendly sock. Wearing these ZQ-certified Merino wool hiking socks will allow you to go further.

This new Smartwool crew sock is a multifunctional and long-lasting pair we like putting on for long days, whether we’re hunting, hiking, or just motoring about town. It has a cushioned heel and toe for added comfort. Even though this sock is not as well-fitted as a streamlined running sock and is in no way a thick winter sock, it is suitable for most days of the spring, summer, and autumn.

If you take the nylon, polyester, or elastane out of a sock, you are left with something that resembles a potato sack. According to John Ramsey, the head of product development at Smartwool, recycled nylon wasn’t readily accessible until around two years ago. Still, the company wasted no time seizing the chance to be more environmentally conscious—they decided to use finer Merino wool, since they also wanted the combination to be more pliable. This new sock style has a roomier toe box, a welt that is less constrictive, and a thicker cushion and support beneath the foot.

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Benefits of Merino Wool Used in Smartwool Products


Wool isn’t always scratchy, heavy, and lumpy. Merino is the purest wool in the world, and it feels smooth and lightweight, which is why it’s often used in clothing that directly sits on the skin, such as thermal base layers, underwear, and socks.


Merino wool fiber has a natural crimp. This crimp absorbs body heat in air pockets around your body, keeping you warm for longer.

You may maximize your body heat by layering a Merino base under a Merino outer shirt. This provides good warmth, so if you want to travel light—and cozy—search for Merino apparel.

Made of Natural Products

What components comprise Merino wool? Since Merino wool is a natural, renewable fiber, one sheep can produce four to five pounds of it a year. Furthermore, this fiber has evolved to keep sheep comfortable in harsh situations. These happy creatures can tolerate temperatures between five and 95 degrees without feeling uncomfortable. It’s such an amazing fiber.

It’s Biodegradable

When put in the earth, Merino wool disintegrates after roughly a year. This implies that the ground will absorb this fibrous protein made of amino acids after you’ve finished using your gear, reintroducing carbon and nutrients to the soil.

Body Temperature Control

Merino is distinguished by its breathability. It can both release warmth as required to avoid overheating and cool you down when temperatures rise.

Merino wool’s innate ability to regulate body temperature allows you to carry fewer items while still being comfortable in any weather.

Moisture Control

This special wool can trap up to 30% of its weight in moisture while retaining its capacity to insulate, keeping you dry, warm, and comfortable.

It’s also naturally moisture-wicking, so it takes sweat away from the skin—and keeps you dry when you work up a sweat.

Odor Resistance

It’s not your sweat, but a buildup of germs that causes an unpleasant odor. Merino wool, unlike synthetic fibers, inherently resists germs and odor retention.

Simple to Wash and Care For

Because Merino wool resists odor, germs, and stains, it does not need to be washed as often or as thoroughly as synthetics.

Airing your Merino overnight generally refreshes it for the next day. Smartwool’s Merino wool is machine-washable, so there’s no need to be concerned about shrinking or pilling—follow the care directions on the tag. 

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Final Thoughts

Smartwool is made for hungry outdoor explorers who want to experience the joys of crisp powder turns, first-time ascents, scrambly summit sunrises, pine-needle-cushioned treks, and smore’s-filled weekends with all your other outdoor enthusiast pals.

Smartwool designs Merino wool clothing that allows you to travel far while feeling great. They help people experience unqiue, beautiful moments in the outdoors by striving to eliminate distractions such as damp base layers and blistered feet, allowing you to concentrate on the adventures in front of you. They exist to facilitate your every experience, whether it’s taking your dog for a frigid morning stroll or summiting a Himalayan peak.

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