The Best Camp Showers To Keep You Clean While Outdoors

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If you're an outdoor enthusiast, then you know that a camping trip can be a great way to experience nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. However, one thing that can detract from the experience is having to take a cold bath in a creek or using the dirty shower facilities at the campground. That's where camp showers come in handy!

Staying clean during an outdoor excursion has never been easier. Read on to learn more about camp showers and see if one of these eight popular camp showers on the market is for you.

What Are Camp Showers?

Camp showers are portable shower systems that allow campers to have a hot shower while camping. There are many different types of camp showers available on the market, from solar camp showers to electric camp showers. Although they vary in heat source and features, they all have one goal: to provide campers with a way to stay clean while enjoying the outdoors.

Types of Camp Showers

There are seven types of camp showers: solar camp showers, electric camp showers, USB-rechargeable showers, propane camp showers, gravity-fed showers, foot pump showers, and electrical pump showers.

Solar Camp Showers

The solar camp shower is a device that uses the sun's energy to heat water for you to use for showering. They typically have a black bag that absorbs heat from the sun and then transfers it to the water inside. This camp shower is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional camp showers as they do not use fossil fuels or generate greenhouse gases.

Solar camp showers are more convenient than some alternatives. You can set them up in any place where there is sun exposure. Campers fill the shower bag with water and place it in the sun for a few hours to heat up. The solar shower bag can be hung from a tree or other support and used just like a traditional shower. Solar camp showers are an excellent way to enjoy a hot shower while camping without harming the environment. However, they can be less reliable than other types of camp showers because they require sunny weather to work properly.

Electric Camp Showers

Electric camp showers come in various designs, but they all serve the same purpose: to provide campers with a hot shower after a long day in the wilderness. Electric camp showers use battery power to heat water. They are a great option for campers who want a reliable camp shower but don't want to use propane. However, electric camp showers can be more expensive than other camp showers depending on how elaborate the setup. A solar-powered grid camp shower is the best option for people who want to minimize their carbon footprint. It is also an excellent option for people who want to live off-grid and use minimal power to heat their water source.

Before purchasing an electric camp shower, there are several things to consider. Think about capacity, weight, and portability. Capacity is important because it determines how long the shower will last. For example, a five-gallon camp shower will provide more than enough water for one person, but it may not be enough for two and certainly won't be enough for a family. Weight is also important because a heavier camp shower will be more challenging to transport. Finally, portability is essential because a camp shower that is a hassle to pack or move might just get left at home. Campers should consider their needs and preferences when choosing an electric camp shower to find the perfect one for their next adventure.

Propane Camp Showers

Propane camp showers are probably one of the earliest heated camping shower options. They are easy to set up and use and provide a hot shower even when no electricity is available. Propane camp showers work by heating water with a small propane burner. The water is then pumped through a hose to the shower head, spraying it onto the user. Propane camp showers are safe to use and an affordable way to get a hot shower while camping. Moreover, it can be used anytime and in any weather as long as you have propane available. The downside is that it is not an environment-friendly method as it emits greenhouse gases.

Gravity-Fed Camp Showers

Instead of dousing yourself with water in an attempt to wash, consider using gravity to work for you. The gravity-fed camp showers don't require any electricity or batteries. Just fill the tank with water and let gravity do the work! These showers are perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking, the beach, and even remote outdoor work. They're lightweight and easy to set up, so you can take them anywhere. Plus, they're an eco-friendly way to stay clean since you're not using any energy to run them. However, gravity-fed camp showers may not have as much water pressure as other types of camp showers.

Foot Pump Camp Showers

The foot pump camp showers are worth your consideration if you want more water pressure without using any external energy source. These camp showers use a foot pump to create water pressure that powers the shower head. The foot pump camp showers are easy to set up and use and provide a good amount of water pressure. They're also eco-friendly since you are the energy source. However, these camp showers can be a bit more difficult to use than others, and they may not have as much water flow as some campers would like.

USB-Rechargeable Camp Showers

A camp shower is a battery-powered shower that can be used for camping or other outdoor activities. They are usually portable and easy to set up and can be used to wash yourself, your clothes, or your dishes. Camp showers are also often used to provide clean water for campers hiking or backpacking in remote areas. These rechargeable USB camp showers can easily offer a quick shower. They are easy to use and set up while providing enough water pressure and flow for a good shower. Besides using it as an option to stay clean in a remote area, lead a van life, or serve as a lifesaver in emergency situations.

Electrical Pump Camp Showers

You will want an electrical pump and portable camping shower if you have a solar panel and generator. These camp showers use an electrical pump to create water pressure, which is used to power the shower head. Out of all the pressure pump camp showers, the electrical pump showers tend to provide the best water pressure. If you already have all the solar-power off-grid generator setup, these electrical pump camp showers are easy to set up and use.

How to Choose the Best Camp Shower for You

When choosing a camp shower, there are several factors you should consider, including:

Type of Camp Showers

There are many different types of camp showers available on the market. Solar camp showers, electric camp showers, propane camp showers, and gravity-fed camp showers are all popular options. Consider what type of camp shower will work best for you and your needs.

Water Capacity

Camp showers vary in water capacity. Some camp showers can hold up to 5 gallons of water, while others only hold 1 gallon. Consider how much water you will need for your camp shower, and choose one with the appropriate water capacity.

Shower Head

Camp showers vary in the type of shower head they have. Some camp showers have a fixed shower head, while others have a detachable shower head. Consider what type of shower head you prefer.

Water Temperature

Camp showers vary in the temperature of the water they provide. Some only provide cold water, while others can heat water up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Consider what water temperature you prefer and choose a camp shower that will provide your preferred temperature.


Camp showers vary in weight. Some camp showers weigh only 2 pounds, while others can weigh up to 10 pounds. Consider how much you are willing or able to carry.


Camp showers vary in price. Solar camp showers, electric camp showers, and propane camp showers tend to be more expensive than gravity-fed camp showers and foot pump camp showers. Consider your budget when choosing a camp shower.

Review of 8 Best Camp Showers

Now that you know what to look for in a camp shower, it's time to choose the best camp shower for you. Here are the reviews of the ten best camp showers on the market.

1. Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower

Ivation's Portable Outdoor Shower lets you take a hot shower anytime! This camping shower system works by plugging the USB port into any external electrical energy source such as an electrical generator or a portable battery. You can also plug the shower into the USB charging port of your vehicle. The setup takes only minutes to provide you with a refreshing shower experience.

The 5.9-foot hose and adjustable shower head let you get just the right angle and pressure. Besides using it as a camp shower, you can use it at the beach, water plants, and even bathing your pets in the yard. When you finish the shower, just pack it away in its storage bag.

Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower, Battery Powered

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2. KIPIDA Solar Camping Shower Bag

The KIPIDA Solar Camping Shower Bag is an exceptional gravity pressure camp shower for campers who want a no-frill solar-heated shower source. The KIPIDA Solar Camping Shower Bag can hold up to 5 gallons of water, making it a great option for a single camper. This bag comes with an adjustable handle strap so you can hang it from any hook, tree branch, or other sturdy objects to give you the best solar shower in the great outdoors.

The manufacturer guarantees you can easily heat the water to 113° F within three hours under direct sunlight. And to avoid possible water scorch, the bag includes a temperature indicator to show you the current water temperature. In addition, the KIPIDA solar shower bag contains a removable shower head that allows you to switch between regular use and direct spray mode. This way, you can easily conserve water while still getting clean.

KIPIDA Solar Shower Bag, 5 gallons

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3. KEDSUM Portable Camp Shower

The KEDSUM Portable Camp Shower is another excellent USB Rechargeable camp shower option. The system is powered by two detachable, rechargeable batteries that can work continuously for 120 minutes. With a maximum water flow of 1 gal/min, this outdoor shower offers a constant high-pressure stream perfect for camping, fishing, hiking, and other outdoor excursions.

Please note that this system does not offer any water heating capability. If you want your camp shower to pump out warm water, you will need to heat a bucket of water using solar energy, a propane heater, or even a campfire. Although it may be an inconvenience for some campers, many customers who work and live off-grid find the KeDSUM portable camp shower exceptional for their needs.

KEDSUM Portable Camp Shower

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4. PIH High Pressure RV Handheld Shower Unit

Although RV camping is slightly more comfortable than tent camping, it isn't always glamorous either. Sometimes it's downright challenging when the RV does not include a shower system. That's where the PIH High Pressure RV Handheld Shower Unit shines. This versatile and easy-to-use shower unit is perfect for when you need to make do with less-than-ideal water pressure or water availability.

The PIH High Pressure RV Handheld Shower Unit is a complete shower solution that includes a handheld shower head, hose, and bracket. It also comes with a pump that provides up to 40 PSI pressure, making it ideal for use in RVs with low water pressure. If you are worried about your water consumption, the shower head includes an instant "Pause" button to stop the water flow without having to turn off the pump.

This camp shower also comes with a pulse massage feature, making the PIH shower system one of the best camp showers for those on the go.

PIH High Pressure RV Handheld Shower

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5. Fenix Camping Shower Bag

Looking for a way to freshen up while you're camping? Check out the FeChiX Camping Shower Bag! This simple 5-gallon shower bag is perfect for camping, hiking, or other outdoor activities. The setup just can't get any easier. All you have to do is hang it up at a location with direct sun exposure. In about 3 hours, you'll have hot water that can reach up to 113° F.

The FeChiX Camping Shower Bag is made of PVC material that is BPA-free. This portable camping shower also comes with a removable shower head that lets you choose between regular use and direct spray mode. In addition, the bag comes with a built-in water temperature indicator so you can avoid scalding yourself.

As mentioned earlier, a 5-gallon solar bag is a generous amount of water for one person. If you are camping with another person, you may consider purchasing their 2-bag package deal. This way, both of you can enjoy a hot camp shower without having to share.

FeChiX Camping Shower Bag, 5Gallons

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6. Ingham Portable Shower Camping Shower Outdoor Camp Shower Pump

Whether you're camping in the great outdoors or want a convenient way to rinse off, the Innhom Portable Shower is a great choice. This innovative shower system features a built-in 2000 mAh lithium battery that can be recharged with a USB charger, making it extremely convenient. With a 6-ft flexible hose, the Ingham allows great reach for taller individuals. And the wonderful thing about this system is that you have the option to purchase more backup batteries. So even if you have no way to charge your lithium batteries, you can have several batteries charged and ready as a backup.

innhom Portable Camping Shower

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7. VIGLT Portable Shower Bag PVC Travel Wash Kit

This shower bag is perfect for any camping or family travel trip! It holds up to 5 gallons of water, so you'll have plenty of clean water for showers. The PVC material is durable and can withstand high temperatures, making it perfect for any climate. The bag also comes with a shower head and hose attachment, so you can easily set up your portable shower. There's no need to worry about finding a clean shower on your next trip⁠—just bring this VIGLT Portable Shower Bag along and enjoy a refreshing shower anywhere. For anyone who needs to work outdoors, the VIGLT is a fast and convenient way to clean off your hands, your boots, and your tools, so you don't have to drag all that dirt and grime into your vehicle.

VIGLT Portable Shower Bag

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8. Coghlan's Solar Heated Camp Shower

We all know how unpleasant it can be to have to take a cold shower, especially when you're camping, and there's no hot water to be found. But with Coghlan's Solar Heated Camp Shower  you can enjoy a warm, relaxing shower even when you're miles from civilization!

If you are on a tight budget, this 5-gallon shower bag will do just the trick. It works by being heated by the sun, so it's eco-friendly. Just fill it with water and set it in the sun for a few hours. The solar panel on top means that you don't have to worry about running out of battery power or fuel, if you're using propane. This shower is also great for washing your pets or giving your car a quick rinse. So next time you're headed out into the great outdoors, bring along a Coghlan's Solar Heated Camp Shower.

Coghlan's Solar Heated Camp Shower

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Final Thoughts

There you have it! These are just some of the best camp showers that will upgrade your camping hygiene while you're outdoors. So whether you're looking for a solar camp shower, a pressure camp shower, or an electric camp shower, we hope this list has helped you find the perfect one for your needs. Happy camping!

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