Successful Sitting: How To Get the Best Camping Chair

Key Points

  • Many different types of camping chairs are on the market.

  • Select the best camping chair based on your personal needs.

  • Consider a few factors when finding the best camping chair for you.

  • Many brands sell high-quality camping chairs, like Coleman, R.E.I., and Helinox.

The requirement for the best camping chair is simple. You have to enjoy sitting in it. If it isn't comfortable, it's not the best camping chair. It might be the perfect fit for someone else. After all, one person's least favorite place to take a load off is another person's idyllic destination to plop down for a few hours — as the old idiom more or less goes.

To find your personal sitting paradise, you must venture into the world of camping chairs. There's an abundance of options to choose from. If you want to find the right one, dive into this world and discover the many types of camping chairs. While you're at it, look into getting a camping table as well.

Camping Chairs Are Diverse

Call them what you want, but don't call them un-diverse.

There are many types of camping chairs. Each one brings its own features and designs, suited for some situations and not others. You've got foldable chairs and backpacking chairs. Then there are inflatable seats and hammock ones.

Couple sitting in camping chairs

Many types of camping chairs saturate the market. The best one for you is where your bottom feels like it belongs.

To figure that out, check out the different camping chairs.

First, understand something important: There's a difference between camping chairs and beach chairs.

Camping Chairs vs. Beach Chairs

Camping chairs and beach chairs both serve as a place to sit outside.

A sandy surface and perhaps a piña colada are requirements for a beach chair. They have wider feet to prevent them from sinking in the sand. You sit lower to the ground, with a reclining backrest made for sprawling out and getting a suntan.

Camping chairs come in handy at campsites, when hiking, or during a picnic. They're often taller than beach chairs, with sturdier legs made for the hard ground. Additional features like cup holders, storage pockets, and built-in coolers make your camping experience more enjoyable.

Beach chairs are for sunbathing next to the sea.

Camping chairs are versatile and made for a variety of outdoor experiences.

The Many Types of Camping Chairs

Take a look at the best assortment of camping chairs currently on the market in 2023. Determine which is best for you by checking out the individual specifications and considering where you plan to kick your feet up.

Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are the go-to chair for most people staying in a campsite.

They're lightweight, easy to carry, and take seconds to set up.

Camping chairs at a campsite

The frame is usually plastic or metal, and the material is a fabric blend.

Set up a folding chair around a fire, at a picnic, or during a music festival — they're the perfect seat for almost any outdoor experience.

Backpacking Chairs

Backpacking chairs are compact and light. Ideal for backpackers who need to carry everything.

Some are just stools without a backrest and weigh almost nothing. Others offer back support yet are a bit bulkier and weigh a whopping two pounds or more.

They're designed for people on the move, looking for a quick place to rest on their trek through the woods.

Rocking Chairs

You aren't meant to pack around a rocking chair on a camping trip. These chairs represent a slower pace of life.

They're old-school seats with curved bottoms, allowing you to do some rhythmic rocking. It's both soothing and relaxing.

Rocking chairs are great for backyard barbecues or an R.V. campsite with space to store it.

Director Chairs


These chairs are synonymous with the James-Cameron types in Hollywood. Though they're not just used when filming the next best motion picture at the Oscars.

Director chairs are taller and made from sturdy aluminum or wood. They're great for car campers who want to take a load off on some side street or in a parking lot.

With a backrest, footrest, cup holders, and an effortless setup, director chairs are for those looking to sit above the fray.

Hammock Chairs

These require help from some trees.

Most people think of hammocks as a place to lay down between trees. A hammock chair keeps the need for trees but gives you a place to sit instead.

Hammock chair in a tree

Soft, lightweight materials like nylon or mesh go into making hammock chairs.

One sturdy branch is often enough to hang your hammock chair from. Make sure it's able to support your weight. The last thing you want is for the branch to come crashing down on you.

Inflatable Chairs

Inflatable chairs are a fun alternative to regular camping chairs. They're like bouncy houses made for sitting.

When stored, they take up little space in the trunk of your car. Some are small enough to fit into a backpack.

Those lungs of yours better be ready. You're going to have to blow up an inflatable chair, which might take more gusts of air than you want to emit. Bring a portable pump if you're looking for a quick way to blow them up.

Lounge Chairs

Lounge chairs make relaxation easy.

They're often found by the pool, on a beach, or in the backyard. They're low to the ground and have an adjustable backrest.

They're more of a place to lie rather than a seat, but if you want to stretch out comfortably, a lounge chair is the way to go.

Finding the Best Camping Chair for You

There are a lot of chairs to choose from. Fortunately, a few metrics help you decide which is best for you.

Camping chairs, camping tent, and truck


Look for a camping chair that fits your comfort needs. Backpacking chairs aren't as comfortable as hammock chairs. Figure out what kind of outdoor experience you're looking for and find a chair that provides maximum comfort in your activity.


It's a crazy camper that takes a rocking chair with them to the wilderness.

If you're going to be moving a lot, take a chair that's easy to pack. Long-distance hikers need to minimize the weight they carry, so opt for something lightweight and compact.

It's different if you're staying at one campsite. If that's you, take along a couch if you want. Go ahead. The world is your oyster.


Get a camping chair that's going to last for more than a handful of trips. Find products made with durable materials, strong frames, and reinforced stitching.


The last thing you want is to go head over heels — literally — because of an unstable camping chair. Look for chairs with a strong base, capable of holding lots of weight. If you're camping on uneven terrain, opt for a chair able to adjust to different grades.


Set a budget and stick to it. More expensive chairs might have more gadgets and gizmos, but why spend a week's worth of pay on a chair? Many affordable options offer great value for your money.

Companies That Sell Camping Chairs

Many brands sell camping chairs. Each comes with its own designs, features, and styles. Check out the following options currently on the market in 2023.

Campsite with camping chairs


In their own words, Helinox focuses on "Ultra Lightweight Outdoor Gear."

Their most popular product is their camping chairs, and their lightest chair is the Chair One, which weighs less than a bottle of wine.

One of Helinox's priorities is sustainability. Various eco-friendly practices go into producing their products, such as using recycled material and aluminum from the Green Anodization process. This removes harmful chemicals and wastewater from the post-treatment process.


Kelty offers chairs built for two. They're great for couples wanting to snuggle around a campfire.

Their Low-Love Seat Camping Chair is a spacious seat, built to fit two adults comfortably. It has beverage holders.

Weight isn't a problem with this chair. It's able to hold several hundred pounds worth of humans.

Camping, a day at the beach, an outdoor concert, and tailgating — this seat made for two is perfect for almost any situation.

Guide Gear

Guide Gear has what is quite possibly the comfiest chair out there.

Its Club Camping Chair comes with a wonderful amount of padding, so sitting feels like floating on a cloud. It stores compactly, making it easy to carry, and holds up to 500 pounds of weight.

Sturdy and portable with top-notch comfort, it's hard to beat that.

For more chairs, check out Kijaro and their array of lawn chairs. Peruse Ever Advanced with their camping chairs that come with a sturdy side table. If you want to rock but don't have a rocking chair, GCI Outdoor is the company to check out.

Relaxing in camping chairs

Pull Up a Chair

The legendary sportscaster Vin Gully said, "It is kind of lovely to be sitting alone, just thinking, very quiet, no one around. I don't feel alone or left out."

Sitting does bring peace. It's an excellent chance to reflect on the past and bask in the present. Pulling up a chair is a chance to relax alone or with others, at night or midday, in the woods or in your backyard.

This is a hectic world where people buzz around like worker bees, never taking a minute to practice mindfulness. Be the one who cuts through this chaos by pulling up your favorite camping chair, cracking open your favorite cold beverage, and enjoying the simple loveliness of life.

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