Should You Invest in a Pop-Up Camper Van?

Camper van on the beach of Scivu, Sardinia, Italy

A pop-up camper van is a class B RV with an extendable roof. The extendable roof enhances the living space and sleeping capacity making it perfect for outdoor adventures. Pop-up campers make time spent in tiny and micro trailers much more enjoyable by enabling you to stretch out and even sleep with the whole family. With a pop-up camper, your little camper transforms into a Tardis—small on the exterior but considerably larger once you walk inside and open the top. This means that your tiny house will be simpler to drive than a large camper van, but you will not be sacrificing much of the room once inside.

If you are seeking a luxurious van life, these small pop-up camper vans are ideal for providing luxury, comfort, adventure, and room to stretch out. These vans may seem small on the outside but boast prominent features on the inside.

Due to the smaller overall size, pop-up camper vans make driving easier without compromising on any features and equipment. This article guides you on why you should invest in a pop-up camper van, the pros, and cons of a camper van lifestyle, and discusses some factors to consider before investing in one. camper van

Why Should You Invest in a Pop-Up Camper Van?

If freedom and adventure are your passions, a pop-up camper van may suit you well! Camper vans make great vehicles for travelers, nature lovers, and those looking to explore or spend more time on the road. Each day, the camper van community increases as people become aware and enthusiastic about living to the fullest. A quick look at social media reveals an increasing demand for the van life, with hashtags #campervans and #vanlife illustrating millions of adventure lifestyle posts and tweets. 

According to Morten Storgaard at Go Down Size, “Although modern camper vans are much more equipped than the original "hippie" vans, the pop-top design is still popular, and many vans preserve the romantic spirit of their forefathers.”

As the trend in buying a camper van continues to grow, many individuals still wonder if they should invest in a pop-up camper van. So let's take a look at the features of these vans and the several reasons why you should take a step towards investing in one of your own.

They Are Cost-Effective

Life on the road is fun and adventurous, and most people enjoy the freedom and simplicity it affords. Owning a camper van is an affordable option while still providing you with the comfort of your home and the space for adventure without worrying about booking hotels or finding an accessible location for your vehicle.

Camper vans provide various options; thus, you can choose the van that best suits your needs and budget. For example, a pop-up camper van trailer is less expensive than a camper. If you have a tight budget, you can easily utilize these camper trailers that fit into all the cars and do not need customization for a vehicle.

On the other hand, a pop-up camper that fits on a truck bed will need to be custom-made. These campers are suitable if you find towing tough or already have a truck to load the trailer. Lastly, a pop-up camper van with its vehicle can be more expensive than the other camper vans but still costs less than RVs. A simple pop-up camper trailer costs about $2000, which is much cheaper than a camper. Because there are various alternatives available, the costs vary greatly based on your needs. The most affordable variants are pop-up camper trailers since they do not need to be manufactured to accommodate your vehicle; most automobiles can pull any style.

Provide Room for Sleeping and Relaxing

While camper vans can provide room for two, a pop-up camper van offers enough sleeping space for four people, thus making it the perfect camping van option for families. These pop-up vans may exclude seats in the living area, providing more sleeping and storage space.

A pop-up camper trailer may easily seat more than two people, and several variants are designed for big groups. The advantage of having a pop-up camper trailer is that the living space does not need to contain seats for passengers while driving since everyone will be traveling in the automobile that is pulling the camper unit. This frees up a lot of space in the living room, allowing more people to sleep comfortably.

Moreover, the pop-top in the van allows you to stand and can double as another area to sleep. A large and comfortable space to relax makes these vans ideal for traveling with family and friends as they provide double sleeping space with additional costs. The best part is that these pop tops make easy and affordable additions to any camper van without needing to remodel or redesign your vehicle.

Easily Removable

Most pop-up campers are removable units that attach to your vehicle, making them versatile and easy to use. The pop-up roof pops up and down, enabling you to use it when and where feasible without the hassle of changing cars and towing campers. For example, you can lower the roof when running errands, for professional work, or when passing through small places like low overhangs or garages. This makes the van functional for daily transport such as pick-ups and drop-offs to offices or schools. Adding the pop-top to the camper van is easy, transforming a simple van into an excellent adventurous ride perfect for weekend road trips.

Moreover, they are convenient as you can offload them once you reach your destination and store them while exploring in your vehicle. This feature is available in both camper trailers and pop-up campers.

These pop-up camper vans make excellent vehicles for daily use, such as transportation, running errands, or commuting to and from work. The pop-up roof enables you to use it when and where feasible without the hassle of changing cars and towing campers. 

In addition, their small size and flexibility make them easy to drive and an ideal people carrier. Pop-up camper vans are versatile and classic, with increasing demand and many colors, sizes, and styles available. camper van at beach

Brings You Closer to Nature

Pop-up camper vans are ideal for nature lovers looking for easy access to outdoor adventures. Nothing is better than a luxurious and comfortable ride into nature. While most recreational vans can provide a ride to your destination, pop-up camper vans bring you accessibility to areas otherwise difficult to reach, along with extra space, luxurious appeal, and few distractions.

In contrast, an RV is larger with space for a TV, satellite, a kitchen and requires hookups. However, they do not provide you with the same accessibility to the outdoors as a camper van. Some RVs and trailers may give you the same feel of a regular task-filled day at home rather than the freedom to explore.

Rich in Equipment

Pop-up camper vans shine bright compared to tent camping, as they come with all the equipment you need throughout your journey and ensure an exceptional and memorable experience. Although a tent may be cheaper than a pop-up camper van, pop-up camper vans provide better protection and are furnished with seating, beds, a cooking place, a toilet, and other camping essentials

The convenience and features of pop-up camper vans allow for the best use of your time while traveling because it eliminates the need for continuous packing of supplies, assembly, and tear down. 

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Pop-Up Camper Van

Due to the extensive styles and sellers in the market, there is a need to carefully consider certain factors before making the ultimate choice of buying these pop-up camper vans. A thorough analysis of the market and considering these factors will enable you to choose the best van for you. 


Pop-up camper vans collapse into smaller versions that may be readily stored. It may readily resist extreme weather conditions if adequately covered with a robust, waterproof cover.

People who live in an apartment complex may have difficulty parking their camper. They may need to hire a storage container to keep their camper. Fortunately, the camper's modest size necessitates the use of a small-sized unit to maintain it. As a result, you may save money on storage unit rent.

New vs. Used? The Better Option

Purchasing new things always seems like a better option due to limited encounters with defects, unused accessories, and the freedom for customization. You cannot enjoy this freedom with a used camper van. However, new vehicles are more expensive than the used ones and will seem to be a waste, especially if you don't plan on using the van frequently. 

With used vans, you can save almost 75% of the money you would have to pay when purchasing a new one. Therefore, the previous owner may have already handled all these issues. In addition, these will also be pre-equipped and will thus be perfect if you are not seeking to customize your vans.

Maintenance Costs

Pop-up camper vans often come with increased expenses. For example, you will need to spend more on repairs and maintenance for motorhomes and camper vans. Therefore, make sure to carefully explore maintenance costs when deciding to invest in camper vans. 

These vans may have many problems and tire issues that must be fixed and repaired. Other costs may come from engine maintenance, fluid changes, or any further damage to the van. While it may be hard to find specific parts for some vehicles, camper vans don't have this issue, and their features are usually widely available as these vans often have the framework of other models. 

Additionally, if you intend to use the van in areas with extreme temperatures, you will want to add an air conditioner unit and vent fans, which will further add to your costs. A camper van's electric system also requires expensive inverters that vary in style and model. 

Making a Profit With Your Investment

Investing in a pop-up camper van is an excellent idea if you can utilize them to the fullest. In other words, you can earn money on camper vans when you no longer need them. As more people find the lifestyle that van life provides attractive, some see a great return on their investment and passive income as they rent them out to other individuals. 

Following these steps can make your life easier if you plan to rent out your camper van. Finding the right people to rent to is a great way to start your journey. For example, you can rent your camper van to people who love traveling but don't have the same efficient means for traveling that a camper van provides. Before renting, you should clean and provide a way for others to include their preferred supplies. While not everything needs to be changed, updating the kitchenware and the tires will leave a good impression. 

Although some camper vans can be expensive, it is more manageable if you maintain a steady income. Making continuous payments can be challenging and seem like a burden, but if you compare their costs with other rentals like mortgages and house rentals, even the maximum price of these camper vans will seem low. green van

Achieving the Best Resale Value

Investing money in something is wise only if you can double or enhance the returns you earn on it. Therefore, if you are investing in a camper van, such as a class a, class b, or class c pop-up camper, you may want to ensure you get more money back than the amount you initially spent. 

When selling your camper van, keeping organized and up-to-date records detailing new parts, repairs, maintenance, and other renovations, ensures that your deal looks appealing to the buyer. It would help if you also changed the camper van's fluid as it becomes the core reason for some significant problems.

Downsides of Investing in a Camper Van

Although there are significant reasons for investing in a pop-up camper van, some features become causes of hesitation among buyers when purchasing them.


Camper vans are expensive and may initially seem like an unnecessary added expense to anyone living within a budget or individuals working towards saving money. A modern, pop-up camper can cost up to $20,000+. This cost may seem to outweigh the benefits due to its limited features and the maintenance required. Some people find travel trailers more equipped than a pop-up camper van.

Limited Storage

The storage capacity of a pop-up camper is well-suited for those who travel with less equipment. Although the pop-up feature provides more space for storage, sleeping, and relaxing, the space it provides is only usable after arriving at your destination. However, there is a lack of storage space during transportation, so creativity and compact storage methods are needed.

Lack of Insulation

The pop-up campers are made from a thin material, vinyl or canvas. The material lacks insulation, and you may feel cold in winter and hot in summer when in the van. People usually install air conditioners and heaters in their campers to counter this problem. However, installing temperature control equipment may cost you more and consume space in the van. 

Cleaning Difficulties

Since pop-ups are foldable, they require proper cleaning and maintenance. For one, failing to clean your pop-up roofs adequately will damage the pop-up system's fabric. Second, bacteria and mold can also build up in the van causing health issues. Last, it is particularly essential to dry the material to prevent mold development and mildew from the humid environment.

Tearable Pop-Up Walls

As the pop-up walls are made of thin material, they can tear easily, compromising your camper's structure and may even cause water leaks. Moreover, they may disturb your privacy and can also be frightening if you are camping in a wild place.

Final Thoughts

While there are some downsides to investing in a pop-up camper, camper vans remain high in demand due to the benefits and excitement they offer.

Imagine being able to explore new places in the comfort of your own home. A pop-up camper van offers a mobile home for travelers and those willing to explore the world. These camper vans are ideal for families and trips with friends because they provide great flexibility, ample sleeping space, and attractive features from kitchenware to toilet accessories. While these vans may be expensive compared to other recreational vehicles, they are the cheapest and most feasible option.

Investing in a pop-up camper van is good as long as you are willing to use the van for a long time or plan to rent it to another individual. However, you should have enough money to purchase this van and manage other related expenses before purchasing. Therefore, it would be best if you also considered other factors like maintenance costs, time of purchase, and resale value before making the final decision. 

A pop-up camper is an excellent choice for any adventurous soul who wants to travel in luxury. They are simple to use, accommodate the whole family, and enable you to unplug and reconnect with nature.

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