Best Hiking Hats for Women

Key Points

  • There are many benefits to wearing a hat when hiking.

  • Some hats feature qualities that specifically cater to women's needs.

  • Three hats are quality-made, reliable, and keep women's needs in mind.

For as long as people have been exploring unfamiliar parts of the world, protection against the sun has been a significant concern in surviving the natural threats that come with roaming outdoors. Easily one of the oldest and most effective approaches to addressing this concern was the invention of brimmed hats.

The need for exploring the outdoors has obviously shifted, and many people now spend a lot of time outside for recreational activities, like hiking. This detail doesn't negate the need to prepare yourself to endure the obstacles of the outdoors.

Looking at the headwear of 2023, it's clear how outdoor hats look and function has changed, too; they're still a staple piece of attire when protecting yourself outdoors. As humanity has advanced, so too has the headgear. Hats in the modern world have the luxury of effectively protecting against the elements and looking snazzy. Looking good may not be a necessity for a quality hat, but there's no denying that it's a perk.

Of course, shade and attractive aesthetics aren't the only benefits of wearing a lid when spending time outside. Aside from protecting skin from the sun's rays and keeping the body cool, hats also protect the eyes from the sun and shield the face from wind-blown debris and precipitation. Protecting the body from overheating is important for evident reasons, but protecting your eyes — and thus your vision — is equally essential as most navigation when exploring is visual.

Hats Off to the Ladies (or, Hats On)

Unfortunately, society has often overlooked the needs of women, and the available products for many activities and events reflect that. Outdoor activities are no different, and much of the available outdoor gear on the market is designed and marketed with men in mind. Nonetheless, as women continue to prove their knowledge and capability when it comes to spending time outdoors, outdoor gear and attire continue to reflect that.

As of March of 2023, 72 women have flown in space, illustrating how capable women are and how much they influence their communities. With women contributing so much, it makes sense that manufacturers would begin to recognize them and acknowledge their needs. This transition toward progress is slowly beginning to span across all areas of life, including outdoor recreational activities like hiking.

Women are participating and competing in all outdoor activities now; finally, the items available are starting to show that. There are now multiple options for women's hiking gear, including hats.

Though it may not seem like there could be many variations between a hat created with men in mind and one designed for women, a list of the differing details will make you think otherwise. This includes features like ponytail slots, hygiene and storage options, and a much greater variety of options for color and pattern. These features have been perfected by a few companies in particular that noted the importance of a hiking hat that catered to women:

UV Protection Foldable Sun Hat

As the name suggests, the UV Protection Foldable Sun Hat by Outdoors Tribe was created to be convenient and reliable protection from the sun. Its wide brim design clearly reflects its intention to shade, and the lightweight material makes it much cooler than the standard hiking hat. However, it doesn't just protect you from the sun, as it's also water-resistant and wind-resistant, ensuring that you're ready for whatever weather you face.

On top of being a great hat for protection from the elements, it also comes in a variety of unique colors so that you can look good even when you're trekking through mud or pouring sweat on an uphill hike. Function certainly outweighs appearance, but why not have both if you can?

Women's Exploration UPF Widebrim Hat

The Women's Exploration UPF Widebrim Hat by Eddie Bauer has all the features of a quality hiking hat designed for men, plus some. Aside from being far more aesthetically appealing than the average hiking hat, it also has UPF 50+ protection and lightweight, breathable polyester material. It is even water-resistant and floats.

This hat is perfect for the venturesome, no-nonsense hiking woman. The Women's Exploration UPF Widebrim Hat should last you quite a while because it's designed to be reliable, durable, and difficult to lose.

Excursion Trail Hat

The Excursion Trail Hat by Athleta is the ultimate hat for the style-savvy hiker. Its bucket-hat shape and its appealing yet earthy color options make it perfect for blending in with nature but standing out among fellow hikers.

Its low-hanging brim offers optimal UV protection for your skin and eyes. It also has a mesh strip that lines the top of the brim to allow ventilation for your head, helping keep you cool in the heat or on long hikes.

This hat is made from lightweight, water-resistant material. The best part is that it's made from recycled nylon, making it a cute, functional, and eco-conscious choice. If you don't thank yourself for buying this hat, the Earth thanks you.

No Mad Hatter Needed

Despite their many qualities considering both fashion and function, these hats are easily available online or in most big-name outdoor stores. These hats are in high demand, so don't wait too long.

As summer arrives and temperatures begin to warm up, there's no better time to consider what hiking gear you need to beat the heat. A quality hiking hat should undoubtedly be part of your attire.

Nancy Newhall said, "The wilderness holds answers to questions man has not yet learned to ask," so women should go out and ask them. Just be prepared when you do. With a solid hiking plan, lots of water, and a reliable hat, you have what you need to remain grounded in nature but rise to the occasion in society.

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