Todd Davis


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Todd Davis has been writing about the outdoors for over 15 years. His adventures in the wild began as a youngster in northeast Oklahoma. For the past 40 years, he and his family have enjoyed living the outdoor lifestyle in Texas. His wife, two daughters and four grandsons all enjoy nature and all that is wild outdoors.


  • Has published camping, hunting and fishing articles about his family and their exploits
  • Has traveled the United States camping, hunting and fishing
  • Todd competes and has won several 3D archery competitions


Before writing for My Outdoor Gear, Todd was a content creator, blogger and writer for various outdoor, hunting and fishing websites, blogs and magazines. He also conducted reviews on gear that outdoorsman use daily. He is the creator and author behind, The Life and Times of Clem Kardashem.


Todd attended Bartlesville Wesleyan University and majored in physical education and biology.

Expertise: Physical education and wildlife biology

Education: Bartlesville Wesleyan University

Location: Bartlesville , Oklahoma

Title: Writer

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