Canyon Hohenstein


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Canyon Hohenstein is an avid outdoorsman who worked as a wildland firefighter and now writes about travel, nature, literature, and outdoor activities.


  • Canyon has over seven years of professional and academic writing experience.
  • He is Search Engine Optimization certified.
  • He publishes travel writing with Brandt Guides and Lupine Travels.


Canyon's love for the outdoors and writing has been integral to his personal and professional life. He has a deep appreciation for the natural world and enjoys spending his free time hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping. At 18, Canyon became a wildland firefighter in Montana and continued doing this every summer for eight years. He still returns every August to help out during particularly bad fire seasons. Alongside his passion for the outdoors, Canyon also loves writing. He's currently working on a novel based on his experiences as a wildland firefighter. He was in charge of the prison crew in his state. The story takes inspiration from this experience.


Undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Montana. Certificate in Search Engine Optimization Specialization from UC Davis.

Expertise: Political Science

Education: University of Montana and UC Davis

Location: Belgrade, MT

Title: Writer

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