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You read that title correctly: Everyone's favorite slip-on, foam-forward shoemaker has entered the world of boots.

Crocs boots are a thing, folks. Actually, they're many things. Crocs make rain boots and winter boots that are solid options for those who want a lightweight, affordable, easy-to-wear option when it's drizzling or snowing.

What's better than stepping into a comfortable pair of crocs? That would be slipping on a comfortable pair of Crocs boots that will keep your feet warm, dry, and oh-so-comfy. Crocs's boot selection has a little something for both men and women, with Crocs' signature foam construction, vent holes, and heel strap delivering that unmistakable look and renowned comfort.

But how did Crocs get here, from offering a single style of brightly colored, squeaky-when-wet foam slip-on sandals to making rain boots and collaborating with high-end designers like Balenciaga? The secret is in Crocs's comfort, simplicity, and broad appeal.

With more than 850 million pairs of Crocs sold worldwide, it's safe to say that you're no longer alone if you love your Crocs (despite the cruel memes on social media). Since opening its doors in 2002, Crocs now offers six footwear styles, including classic clogs, sandals, slides, wedges, flip-flops, and boots.

Crocs's boot offerings range from basic and simple to snow and sleet ready to keep you rocking Crocs footwear all through the year.

Someone wears a pair of yellow Crocs in a puddle

Does Crocs Make Snow Boots?

Absolutely! But are they any good? The answer, as, with many things in life, it depends. If you're looking for a boot that'll stand up to the Iditarod Dogsled Race, you are out of luck. However, if you want a comfy, super lightweight boot that's way easier to slip on than other winter boots, keep reading.

Crocs make three cold-weather options: the Classic Lined Neo PuffClassic Neo Puff Luxe, and the Furever Crush Shoe. This trio features varying degrees of protection from the elements, and all enjoy unmistakable Crocs style and comfort.

Classic Lined Neo Puff

Classic Lined Neo Puff Boot

by Crocs

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This boot is excellent for folks who see some snow each year but generally don't have to wade through loads of it. The Classic Lined Neo Puff boots slip on easily and are great for a quick dash to the store or mailbox. They're built in the classic clog style with a fleece-lined nylon neck that gives you an extra layer of warmth. Plus, there's a drawstring at the top to keep the cool out.

The bulk of the boot is built with Crocs's famous foam construction, which means they're ridiculously lightweight, and the neck doesn't add much bulk. You can even fold the heel strap forward over the top of the upper, just like regular Crocs.

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Out of 240 reviews on, the Classic Lined Neo Puff garnered a 4.5-star rating, with reviewer Judy saying, "I love these boots! They are comfortable and easy to put on and pull off."

There's one other thing worth mentioning; because the Neo Puff is built on the original Crocs clog, the vent holes in the toe are functional. Yep, there are holes in them, meaning you'll want to avoid wearing them in rain or snow. But you're going to wear them in winter, so don't you already have some sweet cozy socks to wear under them?

Socks Holiday 3-Pack

by Crocs 

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Another thing that makes Crocs boots appealing is their value. Sure, they're mostly foam, but where else can you get cozy puff boots that retail for $75? 

The Lined Neo Puff is a good option for easy-to-don winter boots, but if you're looking for something a little more capable of taking on the elements, you'll want to step up to Crocs's Classic Neo Puff Luxe.

Classic Lined Neo Puff Luxe

If you live where the snow falls more than a few inches a year, you'll want to check out the Classic Lined Neo Puff Luxe. The style of the boot might be a little chick-y for the fellas, plus the lack of men's sizes means this boot is strictly for the ladies. Don't fret, fellas: Crocs has guys covered elsewhere.

The Classic Lined Neo Puff Luxe boot is a step up in comfort, utility, and style. They feature a fully enclosed upper and toe box; the vent holes on top of the boot are faux to retain the classic Crocs look but keep all that heat inside where it belongs. Rather than the standard generic tread found on the bottom of most Crocs, the Neo Puff Luxe has a durable rubber outsole and tread that offers a better grip in snow and rain. It's also thicker for better insulation from the cold.

Speaking of insulation, the boot's shaft is lined with what Crocs calls a "warm, fuzzy" material, but the bulk of the boot's warmth comes from the 400g of insulation in the shaft.

True to its name, the Luxe features an adjustable ankle lace that serves as a stylish accent and a practical way to cinch the boot tighter for greater heat retention and a tighter fit. And, of course, you can add Jibbitz for a touch of personalization.

These bad boys are a hit with customers, as well. Reviewers rave about how warm the Classic Lined Neo Puff Luxe boots are, and their grippy soles are a hit with anyone looking for a secure slip-free outing. The Classic Line Neo Puff boots retail for $99.99, which, considering their added features, is more than worth the price.

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Furever Crush Shoe

Furever Crush Shoe

by Crocs

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The Furever Crush Shoe takes the Crush rain boot, lops off the tall ankle shaft, and adds a faux shearling liner for an uber-comfy look and feel. If you are looking for a pair of winter shoes, consider this a bonus option because they can pull duty as lightweight and decently warm clogs or house slippers. 

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The vents holes are functional, so you'll want to wear socks if you venture out into the cold for too long. However, these shoes won't slip and flop thanks to an enhanced heel capture that offers greater support and comfort. Speaking of the heel, this one is two inches tall.

The Furever Crush shoe also offers real estate to add Jibbitz charms, giving a personalized touch and style.

Does Crocs Make Rain Boots?

They sure do! But are Crocs boots suitable for the rain? Uh, yeah. All Crocs are good for the rain. People have used Crocs as water shoes for years. Their foam construction, vent holes, and textured soles offer an awful lot in terms of wet-weather performance.

However, Crocs rain boots up the ante even further. Crocs went to great pains to ensure that the Crush boot is as comfortable as any Crocs product, with waterproof features and a two-inch heel that gives you an added boost. The Crush Boot is the perfect boot for spring showers with lightweight construction and slip-on convenience for the low price of $69.99. 

Crush Boot

by Crocs

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The Crush Boot is great for men and women. It is available in a wide range of sizes and five colors. Choose to blend in with black or stand out in pink. If you haven't picked up on it, the Crush boot features unmistakable Crocs styling from the vent holes that are faux for waterproofing, the traditional tread pattern on the outsole, and Crocs's "360-degree comfort."

Another option that trends more toward a classic rain boot is the Jaunt Shorty Boot. This boot blends Crocs' foam upper construction with a pull-on rain boot style that delivers lightweight waterproof goodness all day long in what reviewer Gretchen calls "must-have go-to boots."

The rubber tread of the Jaunt Shorty Boot offers a secure grip in rain and snow and adds durability. They're so versatile and simple that they'll go with anything and anywhere and are a great option if rain is in the forecast.

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Are Crocs Boots Comfortable?

Ah, this is where the rubber, er, foam, meets the road. In a word, YES: They're comfortable. One of the things Crocs takes most seriously is comfort, and it shows in the company's boot offerings.

Think about any pair of Crocs: They're made mostly of a durable, versatile, squishy foam. There are no different materials between the footbed and the tread; in most Crocs, it's foam. In other words, it's all padding and support. That's why Crocs are so comfortable. No memory foam's gonna go flat in a week and no flimsy insole that's going to bunch up on you. That and they're wide enough for almost everyone's feet and are super lightweight.

Crocs's various boots take the basic foam clog and add cold weather additions to make them into all-season footwear that retains all of the advantages of regular Crocs.

Standard Croc shoes in different styles on a display shelf

Women's Crocs Boots

Face it: Women buy more shoes and boots than men do. Crocs has ladies covered for any occasion, location, or season. From the crossover slipper/clog Furever Crush Shoe to the winter-ready Classic Neo Puff Luxe, Crocs women's boots blend utility, comfort, value, and that funky flair perfectly.

Men's Crocs Boots

Does Crocs make cowboy boots? Not quite, but you never know what they'll come up with next. Sure, you can wear whatever you'd like because they're your feet, but for the guys, check out the Crush Boot. The Crush Boot is a no-frills boot that excels in wet weather but probably isn't the best for ice and snow unless you're wearing thick wool socks. They're perfect for leaving by the door when you forgot something in the car or need to take the dog out for a walk when it's too cold for flip-flops, and you don't want to lace up shoes.


Not everything can be roses, and Crocs boots are no exception. The biggest complaint against Crocs is that when they get wet, they squeak—especially in bare feet. Some shoes squeak on certain flooring, and the foam construction makes Crocs prone to squeaking. But these are boots, so you'll probably wear them with socks most of the time, which negates most squeaking.

Crocs also lack some of the support found in lace-up shoes and boots. But the tradeoff here is that they're easy to slip on and go. You usually know what you'll be up to when you head out the door, so don't plan on a vigorous hike or an hours-long day in the elements, and you'll be just fine. Crocs are built for comfort, not rugged durability.

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As you peruse Crocs and Crocs boots, you'll notice that there are no half-sizes. This is no mistake and not really a drawback, but it's addressed here in case you think it is. If you've ever worn Crocs, you know that they fit loosely, but this is a feature, not a bug. Again, Crocs are made for comfort, and squishing your feet isn't what many call comfortable. Plus, Crocs are plenty wide to accommodate extra wide feet.

One reviewer, Jennifer, even commented on the Classic Neo Puff Luxe: "Love these! I have unusually wide feet. That's why I like crocs. But I knew these would be more narrow than regular Crocs. So I sized up a whole size. They felt tight at first, but the fur inside became compact after wearing them for a little bit. Definitely better now."

Finally, the foam that makes Crocs so comfortable wears a bit faster than traditional rubber, especially on the sole. You won't want to wear these in a marathon, but the good news is that you're not out hundreds of dollars when they finally wear out.

White pair of fuzzy Crocs Photo source:

The Verdict

Are Crocs boots worth it? Crocs offer an ample selection of women's boots, clogs, and slippers, in addition to an excellent rain boot offering for the fellas. Some are great for snow, rain, and the elements in general, like the Classic Lined Neo Puff and the Classic Lined Neo Puff Luxe, while others are better suited for milder weather and even indoor use, such as the Furever Crush Shoe.

But, if you know where you'll be wearing your Crocs most of the time and have reasonable expectations for them—no dog sled races, remember?—then Crocs boots are absolutely worth the price. The bottom line is if you're looking for an affordable, versatile, comfortable pair of boots to slip on at a moment's notice, get your feet into some Crocs boots ASAP.

If you ain't Crocin', you ain't rockin'.

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