A Perfect Fit for High Altitude: Best Women’s Mountaineering Boots

Key Points

  • A quality pair of boots is a must for women interested in mountaineering.

  • Brands like La Sportiva, Scarpa, Mammut, and more sell mountaineering boots.

  • Take the time to review both the good and bad about the mountaineering boots you're interested in.

Ladies, who said mountaineering is a man's sport?

If anyone does, banish them back to the days when the Pilgrims at Salem decided to partake in some witch trials. Better yet, get the heck out there and do some mountaineering for yourself. Nothing's more empowering than action.

Mountaineering is all action. The constant movement demands solid boots to get you through the finish line. They're an essential piece in your alpine adventure gear arsenal. If you crave the outdoors and aren’t afraid of nature’s most challenging terrain, check out these mountaineering boots — some of the finest on the market.

The Best Mountaineering Adventure Boots Around

You sit on the edge of greatness, tittering between yes and no. Mountaineering is a tough hobby to jump into, but success is possible with the right high-altitude equipment. To ensure you mountaineer like a pro, get yourself some quality mountaineering adventure boots.

Check out the following best women's boots made for mountaineering.

La Sportiva Nepal Cube GTX

The Nepal Cube GTX is a solid choice for women's boots. They’re by no means perfect, but they are a good option for steep ice climbing.

These boots are best on icy terrain. The boots' upper part restricts ankle movement, resulting in a rigidness in your feet that is perfect for ice climbing but bothersome for hiking. They are heavy, which might be an issue for some.

Constructed for avid climbers, these boots allow you to easily front point while relieving your overworked calves.

The tongue and cuff gaiter keeps snow away from your ankles while keeping your feet fairly warm. If your feet run cold, it’s a good idea to double up on wool socks.

These boots are both durable and suitable for technical climbs, meaning you're going to be ascending slopes for years to come.

La Sportiva Nepal Cube GTX climbing boots

Photo source: Amazon.com

Scarpa Mont Blanc Pro GTX

The Mont Blanc Pro GTX is a prime piece of high-altitude equipment. These are waterproof boots, protecting the feet of every type of climber.

Gore-Tex lining boots are both breathable and waterproof. They keep your toesies nice and dry no matter the conditions.

Versatility is key in mountaineering. These boots work with every climbing style, from slow-ascending alpine routes to technical ice climbing. The Vibram sole offers superglue-like traction on ice and dry land.

They’re roomy with an excellent lacing system. They’re cushioned to provide maximum comfort. These boots are perfect — well, almost.

The Mont Blancs are bulky, so the extra weight might be a bit too much for more petite climbers or those who are just hiking.

Though if your calves are up for the challenge, go for it. These boots are supreme.

Scarpa Mont Blanc Pro GTX mountaineering boots

Photo source: Amazon.com

Mammut Magic High GTX

The Magic High GTX boots are wonderful alpine adventure gear, especially for folks trying to avoid blisters.

The Base Fit 2.1 system is a pair of adjustable heel straps that give your heels the snug support they need when mountaineering. These are Gore-Tex lining boots, meaning the lining makes you feel like you’re walking on clouds. These boots are just so comfy, amplified by the double-insulated carbon innersole, which increases the rigidity and warmth of the boots.

It’s not all cloud-walking and warm snuggles, however. The toe box is narrow, so folks with wider feet might find these boots a bit too tight. The price further exacerbates the issue, clocking in at about 500 bucks.

If your foot fits, then these boots are an excellent option. Suitable for most mountaineering pursuits, they feature a tight lacing system, great traction, and memory foam which molds to your feet. All of these factors make the Magic High GTXs great for all but the most extreme climbers.

Mammut Magic High GTX mountain climbing boots

Photo source: Amazon.com

Salewa Raven 3 GTX

The Raven 3 GTX earns high marks for comfort and support. While they support your ankles, the material may be too stiff for some. It's a double-edged sword; you need ankle support, but you also don't want your ankles to feel like they're in a straight jacket. If you need durable women's boots, these are a solid choice.

A neat feature is the customizable insole, allowing you to get the right fit for your arches.

Mountaineering takes place in the mountains. Mountains often are chilly. You need to stay warm. These boots contain layers of insulating fabric and Gore-Tex lining, perfect for any snowy climb.

Reviewers say this footwear performs well in wet, icy, and dry conditions. If you're willing to deal with a little extra stiffness in your boot for the sake of extra support, then check these boots out.

Salewa Raven 3 GTX mountaineering boots

Photo source: Amazon.com

Lowa Mountain Expert GTX Evo

The Mountain Expert GTX Evo is a jack of all trades. These boots easily handle long winter hikes, moderate ice climbs, and alpine trails, making them a solid choice for your mixed terrain adventure boot.

They offer balance, support, flexibility, and durability. What else does a mountaineering-minded individual need in a mixed terrain adventure boot?

There's an inverse relationship between these boots and the difficulty of your climb. They're not suitable for more challenging pursuits like steep, icy terrain. Verticality diminishes the platform feel of these boots over flatter areas, meaning you might feel a bit wobbly in the ankles — not something you want in durable women's boots.

If your mountaineering ranges from casual to moderate, these boots are great. Get a different pair of boots if you're upping the ante and tackling more challenging climbs.

Lowa Mountain Expert GTX Evo climbing boots

Photo source: Amazon.com

Asolo AFS Evoluzione GV

The AFS Evoluzione GV are waterproof boots suitable for the short sips of ice climbing as well as the long swallows of hiking.

The high-quality material provides all the components of a comfortable boot: warmth, support, protection, and durability. They handle the harshest of winter conditions and make a great technical climbs footwear.

Laces are often a jumbled mess of crisscrossing confusion. The lacing system in these boots is efficient and easy to use, giving you complete control over how you lace up.

A significant downside, however,  is the weight. Many reviewers claim the boots are pretty heavy and don't deliver on the promised comfort, especially on multi-day treks.

Asolo AFS Evoluzione GV mountaineering boots

Photo source: Amazon.com

Hanwag Ferrata II GTX

A pair of Ferrata II GTX is excellent technical climbing footwear. They're the perfect blend of stiffness and flexibility, allowing you to slay both flatlands and slopes.

The sole promotes a slight rocking motion. It's a little detail that helps out in the long run. The rocking gives you a little extra oomph in every step, making it easier to put one foot in front of the other.

These boots make rocky, rough terrain easy to walk over and sacrifices none of the comfort you need.

Supportive, sturdy, and versatile? Check, check, and check. Sounds like a wonderful pair of boots, but there are some shadows.

The boots are heavy, making them less than ideal for long stretches of walking and climbing. If you're putting in some serious miles, rest often. More importantly, break in these boots before your mountaineering trip.

Hanwag Ferrata II GTX climbing boots

Photo source: Amazon.com

A Perfect Fit for a Totally Lit Mountaineering Trip

The O.G. environmentalist Rachel Carson said, "Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature — the assurance that dawn comes after night and spring after winter."

Atop a mountain peak with stars above and earth below, tired from climbing yet proud of your accomplishments: There's no better moment to contemplate the beauty of the earth and all its natural glories.

Mountaineering is tough and something many women never consider trying. If you're wild, restless, and starving for an adventure, try mountaineering. Before you do, get yourself a pair of mountaineering boots. This piece of gear serves as the foundation from which all your future mountaineering adventures shall come.

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